Saturday, 11 August 2012

Where in the world is MJ?

Jordan River 

uh... This is a really important ancient site that I can't remember. 

War trenches 


Ludlow's apartment in the Jerusalem Center. 
Eating cookie dough was the closest thing to home. 


Shepherd's field. 
Everything is better with watermelon.

Cave #4 where they found some Dead Sea Scrolls. 

Top of the Mount of Olives in Bethphage. 
Where Christ would have rode down on a Donkey.

Oh the JC grass with my cute little FHE family. 

Akko already loved me. 

Bahai Gardens 

Armenian Quarter 
St. James Cathedral 
Book store in Jerusalem 
Found some cool records

Roof tops in the Christian Quarter. 
This pictures sums up this day nicely. 

Where should I go next? 

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