Friday, 25 May 2012

Gobble Gobble

My dearest Someone,

I would love to tell you about my trip to Turkey. Rewind with me for a minute back about a week. We flew right into Istanbul and hit the ground running. We traveled all around the country of Turkey and who knew all the diamonds in the rough that it would hold? Our main stops were Istanbul, Assos, Pergamum, Prienne, Ephesus, Troy, Sardis, Nicea and Bursa. 

We spent probably an average of 3-6 hours a day on the bus traveling to the different ancient cities. We definitely got to know each other much better after traveling together for a week. Thats another way of me saying that I made friends! We had a lot of fun. The following pictures are a short recap of what we were doing: 

Me and my Turkey Roommate! We had quite the experience in the Turkish hotels. One hotel was called Aqua Fantasy. Imagine the wonders that that held for us! There was another one hotel right on the beach with a spectacular view. Everyone else had great hotel rooms with their own balcony and extra beds and space to do jumping jacks. Me and Priscilla had a cupboard for a hotel room. I'm pretty sure our twin beds where touching the walls and each other. I chose not to take a photo of it to let the bitterness ebb away. Room to do jumping jacks or not we had fun together. 
(P.S. please notice Pam in the background, over my left shoulder... classic) 

We went to some of the coolest Mosques in the world! The scarf is quite the fashion statement. This was at the Sultanahmet Mosque in Istanbul. 

The carpet points to Meccas so they know which way to pray. It had floating lights that reminded me of the Great Hall in Harry Potter. 

Me and Camila on the outside! We also went to the Basilica cisterns and the Hippodrome near by that day.

We all know a Lund girl loves to shop but I think this was the first time one of them has been introduced to the Turkish Bazaar! It was a historical moment. For Turkey and for the Lunds. It has so many cool things to explore. I made exciting purchases and wish I could have spent hours there.  

These are for you Abs. I saw this and instantly thought of you. They didn't have any straight red ones I looked but if we ever make it to Turkey together we are going big on the boots and the genie shoes. 

On the boat ride to explore and see the the Asian side of Turkey and the European side of Turkey! It was exciting. I love a good boat ride and they are few and far between in the Lund family thanks to the soft stomach of my father. It was chilly though. Can you tell? 

This is the Sultan's Palace in Istanbul. I posted this picture because this is the one building the Sultan had specifically for all of his Turbans. How cool is that? I found that to be the coolest place in all of the palace. I would love a building for all my different articles of clothing. I think my shoe building would be really big --especially if I make it back to the Grand Bazaar with Abby for boots. 

The best Baklava in country. Such a tasty treat. This is my Baklava date with David and Camila. 

Me and some pillars in Assos. Assos was one of the coolest places that we went! Paul walked here from really far away. It was so pretty and had amazing ancient ruins. 

Look the Romans are still in Ephesus!
 They were filming a gladiator movie while we sang hymns in the grand amphitheater at Ephesus. This is one of the places that we know for sure that Paul went.
Posing on the antiquities at Ephesus. I had Hercules stuck in my head all day long. 
"They slapped his face on every vase..." 

Troy! It is sad that the coolest thing to the 79 BYU students at Troy was the replica of the wooden horse. Forget the ancient ruins and historical stuff, all we wanted to do was climb in the closest thing we had to a treehouse. Easy to please I guess. I am in the top right corner! 

Dance party with a bon fire on the beach in Turkey. One thing we don't have to be taught is how to dance! It was so much fun! It was one of the highlights of the trip. 

Hagia Sophia! I was so excited to go here and it by far exceded my expectations. No picture can explain how beautiful and ornate this building is. Ah I loved it. I really displayed my nerdiness when I kept saying over and over again "This is so cool" I think the girl next to me was ready to slap me. But let me tell ya.. It is really cool.  

The Blue Mosque-- just as cool as Hagia Sophia. 
Our last sight in Turkey.
Turkey, I will miss you. Thank you for sharing all of your ancient ruins, cisterns, and churches. I never knew all the amazing things that you had to offer. I loved it here! I feel like I understand Paul and all the things he went through much better. It is amazing to literally walk in the footsteps of the apostles, and when you get to add in some culture with the mosques and baklava it is truly a trifecta! Glad to make it home safe and sound. 


  1. Love to hear of your adventures! Wish I could be in your back pocket! I think you and I could have some fun at the Turkish bazaar! Shopping? I love shopping! Love you so, mom

  2. You are such a fun and clever writer. I love this post. Love you.