Sunday, 8 July 2012

Step Into Christmas

Dear Someone, 

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! My favorite field trip thus far has been Bethlehem. Just being in the town that Christ as born in was amazing! I have to admit I was listening to all of my Christmas music for a week before hand (I just need an excuse to listen to it and I will. I love it). We went to some ancient sites, amazing churches, including the Church of the Nativity, an awesome lunch in a tent complete with lots of humus, and then to Shepherd's field. 

This is the Church of the Nativity caves.
The birth of Christ most likely happened in something similar. 

The 'Poor Box'. Just like Robin Hood. 

This is the traditional site of Christ's birth! 

Shepherd and a lambie. 
Oh Little Town of Bethlehem

It was such an amazing experience to go to Bethlehem. It has such a spirit to it. My Savior came as a little baby to this world to die for me. Walking through the events of New Testament is so cool! Love from Bethlehem!


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  1. Step into Christmas! Let's go together, We can watch the snow fall forever and ever! Eat, Drink and be Mary!