Sunday, 1 July 2012

Zero to Hero

Dear someone, 

The third day of Jordan couldn't have been better! We saw such cool things! Our first stop was an ancient citadel back in Amman. We have seen a lot of ancient temples and columns. Not to turn my nose up at any of them. The ones at the citadel were cool because it was a temple to Hercules. "Honey you mean 'HUNK-U-LES". It is fun to hear a familiar name in the history lesson. We are doing our Hercules pose with what is left of his hand at his temple! 

Who put the glad in gladiator? 

Next we went to the Jabbok river. I will give you ten dummy points if you know what happened there! 
Okay I will tell you anyway. In the Bible this is where Jacob saw God. It is amazing to visit places where God shows his face. He chooses the most beautiful places. This place has such a spirit to it. I was skeptical when it looked we were climbing down into a ditch off the freeway but I felt the spirit so strong by this river side. (Genesis 32:22) 

After the spiritual river and lunch we headed to Jerash. It was another one of those places that took my breath away. It is a really large Roman city. It is very similar to Ephesus but in the middle of the desert.

More columns.

You could see these pillars sway. I'm just glad they didn't fall on top of me. 
I got sleepy on them. 

"We are the Muses. Goddess of the arts and proclaimers of heros" 

Our next stop was the Royal Automobile Museum. Yeah... Ask me why we went there. I don't know but it was cool to see cool cars I guess. 

I want this one!! I like the red seats. It reminded me of Grandpa Bill. He would have loved it. 

Amman was great! I saw quite the variety of things don't you think? Got a mix of spiritual, historical and mechanical. Makes for a great day. I don't even have room to write about what I did this night though. Get excited my friends. It is coming soon to blogs near you! 

The Jordanian Mary Jane 


  1. Dorcas Gaylee you look like you are having fun!

  2. Oh I laughed all through this post, I love the Hercules references.