Thursday, 12 July 2012

Pride in Every American Heart

Dear Someone, 

Whats more American than baseball?  I am, I am, I am! Did you have a good 4th of July! I hope that if you were in America you enjoyed it and all of the things that come with this glorious holiday. The 4th of July is my favorite holiday. It includes fireworks, parades, candy, sunshine, watermelon, red, white and blue, swimming, family parties, corn, and singing patriotic songs. Those are some of the best things in the world all grouped into one! It is true that I wasn't in America. I wasn't with my family. My wardrobe options for my infamous red white and blue outfit were limited and I didn't get to light a sparkler... But Israel gave me the best 4th of July I could have asked for! 

During the day went out into the city! We went to 2 museums and increased our Jewish knowledge at the Temple Institue which teaches you about the 2 temples and also shows you the things they are making for the third temple here in Jerusalem. Seems like a touchy subject right? We made the day more patriotic by eating our watermelon popsicles. We worked on converting our favorite Colombian to the patriotic ways all day. She refused to wear red, white and blue though.

Later that night we had a legitimate 4th of July BBQ! The kitchen staff was so nice to us and went all out. It made me so happy. We had burgers, potatoes, corn, ice cream and apple pie. It was so good. We even sat on the grass like a picnic! 

Watermelon popsicles. 

Anticipating the first bite of the burger. 

Proof of the excellent meal. 

First bite of my first summer corn on the cob. 

Bestest friends. 

We were so happy! 

We tried to make a flag with our bodies. 
Can you see the blue stars? The red and white stripes?

What more American than bows? 


All in all if I couldn't be in America for this beautiful day I think I would pick Israel as a close second. It was such a fun day! We topped it off with a fun FHE activity of "Minute-to-win-it" games. We ate the most magnificent cake that Sister Ludlow made for us that had a blue berries for the stars, strawberries and whipping creme for the stripes. It made it like home. It also wouldn't be complete without a patriotic dance party. Our playlist included songs such as Firework and Party in the USA. I am so proud to be an American. Being away from the country that I love truly made me appreciate it. I will be so excited to be on American soil once again. Israel gave me the greatest day I could have asked for. 

God Bless the USA. 


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  1. We so missed you on our 4th of July! We thought of you at the parade, breakfast and at the cabin! I am so excited to see you and we can just have another 4th of July celebration when you get home!!! May August 19 or 20th? Hu??? Mom