Sunday, 15 July 2012

Snipits and Tidbits

Dear Someone, 

These are a conglomeration of days and photos that don't necessarily need a whole post but they are some of the things I have been doing around Jerusalem! 
Me and Megan at Dormition Abbey. 

I love a good artichoke statue! 

I also love a good giant donut. 
This is the best bakery in the world! 

Rockefeller Museum. 

Tomb of the Kings. 
This is just a literal hole in the wall. I was with Pam and Camila who... cough cough... were less than excited to crawl in a little hole. Pam is terrified of confined spaces and Camila got a new skirt. It was me and my headlamp in all of these tombs. It was creepy! It would make the best haunted house ever. The worst part was that when we came in the guy mentioned something about 4 people in his broken english. We didn't know if that meant that they had been there or were there. I looked for them and called out to find people but they didn't answer. Finally I was almost done looking around and found a little staircase down.. down.. down. Note to self: if you are in tombs by yourself don't go down the stairs. That is the part in the scary movie where they are all screaming don't go! I stuck my head down there and the only thing I saw was bodies. I screamed! Juan, Alvin, Karen, and Alyssa where all playing dead in the tombs. It was rude. I am just lucky they didn't jump out at me or I would have died from a heart attack. It was exciting to explore, after I had gotten over the shock. 

Finally dragged Camila into the tombs. 

I went with Pam and Juan to a park in West Jerusalem for some frisbee!

We try to watch the sunset every night! 
We live in such a pretty place! 

Pam has a lizard that lives in her room. 
This is me trying to make friends with Ned. 

Tower of David Museum. 

This is the door to the Tomb of the Kings. They are rarely ever open. I even tried to use my blonde skills to get us in. That works somedays. People here look at blondes like they are a different species or something. The other day someone tried to buy me for 20 Shekels. I was offended he thought I was only worth 5 dollars. 

Burgers! We went to Burgers Bar in the Jewish quarter. I had a lamb burger. It was delicious. 

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