Saturday, 30 June 2012

Never Felt So Close to Harrison Ford

Dear far away friend, 

Our second day of Jordan we went to Petra! WOW. WOW. WOW. My pictures will mostly speak for the amazing things I did and saw this day. I will explain as it comes. 

 This is the Siq. Before you get to the ancient Nabatean city you have to walk down the path that is inside a really long and high canyon. 
Me in the Siq. It really was amazing to think of people living here but hold on to your hat because it only gets better! Cue the Indiana Jones theme song. "Da da da da! Da da daaaa! Da da da daaaa da da da da da!" Thats me singing it. 

You turn the corner and run into this. This is the treasury at Petra! It is so cool! The whole city is carved out of beautiful rock like this. It is so big! 

After we were given freedom from our tour to go wherever we wanted our first stop, or should I say trek, was up to the Monastery. We walked and climbed and walked and climbed. They called me a billy goat. Can you see me up there? I don't really like hiking but when I have a destination in mind my legs go for it. 
We rested in the glorious shade when we could. It was hot. Did I already mention that already? It wouldn't take long to die out there without water. Toasty toasty! 
Oh the joy of reaching the top! This is the Monastery! We had to catch our breath before we truly appreciated how cool it was! 

Look how little we are! This place is so large! It almost warrants the word huge. 

Me and my favorite Colombians in Petra. 

Once you get to the Monastery of course there is more hiking to be done. There are really cool lookout points up higher. The first one is the view of the Monastery. Uh. That doesn't even look real! It is though! It is so cool (I have to stop using that word because everything about this experiences was HOT)! 
The next stop was the top of the world! See? That is where I am headed! 

There it is! It was also called the end of the world.  I thought I was going to fall off the cliff and die but it was an amazing view! 
 This is my grumpy, hot, hiking Petra face. It got a little tense in the heat and opinions. You can't stay too grumpy in such an amazing place though. 

Jumping. It shows more of the excitement of being there. 

We made it. So glad to be there with these people. 

Me and Camila with more ancient ruins behind us. 

Guys I rode a camel. Can you see me screaming? It was slightly nerve wracking. 
Camels are tall lanky creatures. 

Smooches from my camel.  

I love it. I came out a little bit more sunburnt, exhausted, and extremely sore but it was so worth.
I hope you can all make it to Petra! 

Mary Jane 
Indiana Jones 


  1. I gotta get me some of that camel! It looks way to unreal! Do they smell funny? Are you sore from riding it? I hear they spit? Is it true? Looks like so much fun! Mom

  2. You're right. I never knew Jordan was so incredible. Your photos are amazing.

    p.s. Gabe and Xander are making a camel ride video today (in Arabic!).