Wednesday, 20 June 2012

I Hear Jerusalem Bells are Ringing

Dear Someone, 

What a week I have to report on! On Sunday we had another free day. The coolest part was when I made the Jerusalem bells ring! The Squires are one of the service couple that live here in the center with us. Brother Squires is an amazing organist and they do a lot with music around the center and the city. Every week they go down to the YMCA tower and play the bells for an hour. They are nice enough to invite us and put up with our attempts to play the bells. 

Look how cool we are?
You pull down those handles to play the really big bells! 

This is the group with the Squires right in the middle. 
These are the bells. They are behind bars so people like my dad won't ring them .
Any one remember that Switzerland incident?
See how concentrated I am? I played the top hand of Lightly Row
for all of Jerusalem to hear. Aunt Jane would be so proud.


Want a bite? You will have to come visit me in Jerusalem. 

It was such a good day. It was so cool to play for everyone. We even played hymns for the whole city. It was one way of spreading the gospel without spreading the gospel. We got to ding the 12 o'clock bells too. It was an important job. As you can see we ended it right with a trip to the Waffle Bar. That place wins on presentation and taste. I got one with blue berries on it. I never knew I would do so many cool things in Jerusalem. Every day is exciting! I love this city so much.

"That was when I ruled the world"

Mary Jane


  1. Look at you quoting Coldplay while ringing bells. I am so proud!

  2. Save me a bite of that waffle! Yummy! Mom