Friday, 15 June 2012

Yay Dad

Happy Father's Day!  

This is such a happy holiday, especially because I have such an amazing, loving father. Not even Jerusalem can distract me from missing my family on Father's day. At home we usually eat Boston Cream Pie, give my dad "head scratches" and let my dad think he has complete control over the "flipper".

My family members are my favorite people. 
My dad, AKA: James, "Jimff", "Leroy", "Sea Serpent", "Grandpa JJ", or "Jones" really can't be described in a few short paragraphs. If he were to use his editing skills on this post he would draw all sorts of triangles trying to get me to be both specific and broad. There are just so many things to love about him. I will try and tell you about a select few. 

My dad always disappears, but then always comes back with a treat. 

At our house it is "never a dull moment" with "Ferris Bueller" around. He is the biggest "mover and shaker" that I know. Even though I have grown up knowing this about my father it always astounds me how many friends he has dotting this world. He continues to, with many thanks to the "CC button", "touch bases" with all of them. He is always "reaching out" to others. He is especially good at finding the "poor souls that need the gospel." I am always amazed at his selflessness, and willing to serve those around him. 

Wanna be Rick Steves in Italy.
Italy is just one example of a dot in the world that loves him. 
My dad's philosophy of life mixes being "always on the go" and the idea that "rules are merely suggestions". He also instituted our family motto as "Go Big or Go Home". 20 years of following him around has led me to believe him when he says, "stick with me and you'll go places". He could get you into any concert or party you want. When, if ever, we go to the beach, coconut bowling is a classic. I have sat on front rows, seen world wonders, and been literally drenched by waterfalls thanks to this man. Although he does demand that you "read the guide book" before traveling with him, he makes a great tour guide. 

The Sacred Grove 
My dad never takes life too seriously. In turn, in our family it is illegal to take yourself too seriously or you are severely mocked. It is frequent for him to say "Go like this" while rolling his shoulders back. "RELAAAX" is also commonly exchanged between Lund family members. It is a good thing we have each other to create balance. By reminding us to "be a duck" we are able to achieve an equal portion of excitement, fun, and learning throughout our lives . We never forget to mock each other along the way. 

 I truly love his picture. I'm sure we are mocking my dad for something.
"Hi we're Americans" 
 "Candygram" He says this every time he walks in the door. What does that mean? I have no clue. It is just one of the many Jamie Judd Lund oddities. One of the first things he may ask you is, "What is your shoe size?" He refuses to throw things away. He loves speaker phone. LOVES it. He rearranges hotel furniture. Always. It is never in the correct position. He believes in "Feng shui." He picks his freeway exits based on the idea. When going to a restaurant the prize goes to the person who guesses correctly where dad will want to sit. No one ever wins that game. We are strictly a booth family, and when you go to dinner with only 5 you always, always say 6. Round up. As you can see he is strange and corky but I love him. It is especially scary to realize that all of his weird ideas and traits are rubbing off on me!
Sometimes we call him "Cramer" or "Jerry's kid"

My dad loves people. This extends to people he has just met and even people he doesn't know. There is one way to tell if my dad truly loves you. If you get a nickname. Refusing the one he gives you will only make him call you it even more. There is no stopping it. Trust me. I have about 7. His favorite source for nicknames is the obituaries in the news paper. Trust my dad to turn something morbid into something hilarious. Here is the clan identified by my father's chosen nickname for them: 

From left to right:
Meer-kat-kat Drucilla,
Thomff or Leroy
Van Burgess
Grandpa JJ
Mervyl Dean
He is my favorite dad. I am so lucky to be his daughter. I may be the "forgettable daughter" but we all know that I am his favorite daughter. I am grateful for his example to me. I am thankful for the things he has taught and instilled in me. I am even more excited for all the things we will do in the future. 

I love you dad. "Double purple 39". Thank you for everything you do for me.
I hope you have a wonderful Father's Day. Wish I was there to give you a hug or be squashed as you"steamroll" me.

Love from Jerusalem. 


(P.S. For those people who aren't a Lund by blood or marriage relation all of the "" are classic lines that my dad says very frequently. Hope you can appreciate Jamie Judd Lund as much as I can.)  

NEW REVISIONS: Well folks I definitely left out some important aspects of my dad. After talking to my family I have come to add these ones: 

"Shut-er-down" --  This is probably my father's most used phrase. I can't believe I forgot it. My dad says this every night referring to going to bed, turning off all the lights down stairs, turning down the heat (so we can see our breath all night), or making your friends leave. It is best known by significant others of me or my siblings. It is his kind way of saying go home. 

"If your lips were tires they would be bald" -- meaning you are kissing too much. My dad is never too shy about a good smooching conversation. 

"Here hold this" -- brown leather PGA bag. Closely followed with "Hey kids! where are we?" He loves a good video moment. Or should I say "Snipit?" Half of our footage is of the texture of his pants or of his feet. But we will always remember it and we may even be grateful because "This is for posterity."

Any more suggestions to be added can be sent to me directly so I can really give the "whole package" aspect of my dad. 

Love you Pops

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  1. Ah, what a fun post. Your dad is a one of a kind and a great man (though I don't know why he thinks I understand Italian).