Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Patriotic Passover

Dear Friend, 

Happy Flag day. I love a reason to dress in red, white and blue. As a Lund girl those colors easily dominate everything we wear. When in doubt add some red. The fourth of July is our favorite holiday! Deciding what to wear on that day is quite the debate. I think that comes from my mom. She is so patriotic. In Jerusalem we decided to celebrate flag day. It is fun to be patriotic. These people are still new friends here so I haven't been able to let out my favorite shower song , I'm proud to be an American, yet. But I am always patriotic in my heart. 

The flag day supporters
I am sitting in the bottom left. 
That night we also had the Sedar dinner. It was really cool to understand more about the Passover. We drank grape juice, ate Matza, read about the Exodus, and sang in Hebrew.

We sang the song that we learned in Hebrew. (This is just the pronunciation of the Hebrew words.) It means "Next year in Jerusalem" 
"La'shana ha'ba'a 
Be' Yerushalayim 

La'shana ha'ba'a 
Be' Yerushalayim

I had already taken off my patriotic scarf that I got in
Turkey for this picture but this is at the Sedar dinner

 It was so interesting to learn about everything that is a symbol in the passover dinner. My least favorite was dipping the celery leaf in salt water and eating it to symbolize the fruit that comes from the land but the sweat that they use to get it. It was gross. I also had a hard time saving my grape juice for the appropriate moments to drink. You only get to take 4 drinks over the 2 hour dinner. I wanted to drink it! Ah I guess that says more about me than anything else. It was a good dinner and super interesting!

This was the plate that had the symbolic features of the  passover. 

Love to be patriotic for all my passover dinners! Love from Jerusalem.



  1. I'm always thrilled when a new "sunny days" post pops up in my google reader. I want to hear you sing that song when you get home. xoxo

  2. What are you going to wear on the 4th? We are still trying to figure it out! I will keep you posted! Momma Jones