Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Just Keep Swimming

Dear Someone, 

Let me educate you on a wonder of this world that is very underrated. The Red Sea. It is not red, but it is still so beautiful. I have never seen such beautiful blue water so close to mountains. It was amazing. We drove for 4 hours to go to Eilat to Snorkel. Snorkel is a fun word. Almost as fun as the actual activity. I thought it was amazing. I found Nemo and Dory. 

I was all set to go! 
Only few people can look this good in snorkel gear. 

There was one dock that you would start at. Then you could swim right along the Reef and see all the fishies. It is so salty that I barely had to try to float. It was so much fun! 

I am on the left. In case you couldn't tell which wet body I am. 


Mountains and the blue blue water. 
Q: Who is that chinese squinty girl in the picture? 
A: Me. It runs in the family. 

I am a big fan of snorkeling. Fish are cool. It is like going to a whole new, quite world under there. If you can ever make it to Eilat I recommend it. I still don't know why it is called the Red Sea, but I do know that it was such a great day. It was a perfect way to start the onset of finals. 

Have a lovely day! 

Love from Israel, 
Mary Jane 


  1. Your swimming suit matches Dory.

  2. And not all of us have squinty eyes like you :)

  3. I want to go to the red sea.... Oh wait I am going with you ! So excited! Mom