Friday, 29 June 2012

A Jaunt to Jordan

Dear Someone, 

Guess where I have been for the last four days? Jordan! How cool is that? I know what you are thinking... What is there to do or see in Jordan? Well there are so many amazing sites! I was pleasantly surprised to find many of them! There are so many things I can't fit them all in one letter so be patient with me as I hit the highlights in a couple different posts over the next couple of days. 

Our first day in Jordan began bright and early so that we could be the first across the border. Although Israel and Jordan have a peace treaty with one another the border crossings are intense and very thorough. We had to get all of our passports checked as a group and individually and then change buses. It was quite the process. Once we actually got there we were already exhausted! But we knew we had so much to see! 

Our first stop was Mount Nebo. Its rather a funny thing, as Latter Day Saints, to visit the grave of someone who you believe was translated up into heaven. It happened to us in Turkey too when we saw a church and grave that was dedicated to John. It makes you understand how important the restored scriptures are! It was a cool place. Never thought I would make it to Nebo. (Deuteronomy 34:1) 

Our next stop was a straight walk up a mountain. Do you know how hot it is in Jordan? Well let me tell ya... It is the hottest I have ever been in my life. But we survived the climb and made it to the top. This is the place where John the Baptist was beheaded. I am so lucky to be able to learn more about the New Testament. We love ancient columns. Can't get enough of them. (Matthew 14:3) 

Pretty view of the brown brown desert. 
We are so happy to be there!
Kind of looks like a High School Musical picture.

After our exciting mountain excursions of the day we had to drive for a couple hours to be at our next hotel and destination. We stopped to see the amazing sunset. The sun sank so fast but we luckily got to catch a little bit of the Middle Eastern Sunset on camera. As you can see below our Hotel welcomed us with drinks and music. I love a good tropical punch to welcome you into a new country. It was exciting. You can also see how hot and tired I was after just one day of traveling! 

Welcome to Jordan! (Alicia in the background) 
More exciting things to come! Shokran!



  1. Cool or hot that place looks so Interesting to see! Mom

  2. OK, that sounded HOT! But so interesting. You are having such adventures!

    p.s. I own Pam's dotted shirt too. I am feeling like a college girl copycat. ;)