Tuesday, 5 June 2012

A Palestinian gave me lemonade...

My dear Someone, 

I am so terribly sorry that I took so long to keep this updated. My skills of blogging are obviously subpar. I am working on it! It just means that I have a lot to update you on! Giddy up: 

This past week we decided to be crazy and go out for lunch! It was exciting. We were craving pizza. So ironic that we are eating out in Jerusalem and wanting pizza, but oh well. There is a place in the old city that every time you walk by the owner recognizes us as Mormons and says "This is where Jesus ate his first pizza!" I wonder if it was that delicious in Christ's time too! 

They have frozen lemonade with mint in it! It is so refreshing, and my new favorite treat. The shop keeper gives Mormons a special deal. A drink and a pizza for 25 Shekels(about $7). That is gold to any college student on a hot day in Jerusalem. 

"Happiness hit her, like a train on a track" -- Florence and the Machine. 
The pizza being the train in this situation. Right across the street there is an Austrian Hospice that we took our delicious lunch for a picnic. It that has beautiful gardens and they lets you sit and use their bathroom for free. It is the perfect little escape from the bustle of the city. 

We then set our sights on the Shuk. The Shuk is one of the coolest places in West Jerusalem. It is a completely covered street full of food. It is basically a farmer's market with each both having their own specialty. There are egg, fish, meat, bread, fruit, vegetables, and ice cream! This is me and some dates, figs, apricots, and anything your dried fruit heart desires! 

Me and my chokies. I love a good artichoke picture. I think I have a picture like this in just almost every country I have been to! 

The Israeli artichokes vs. the French artichokes.
Its a toss up. 

They have the best challah bread! Isn't it pretty? It is so tasty!

This isn't the best picture, but it is the memory that matters. The Shuk was much farther away than our little leggies thought and by the end of the day we were exhausted and far from home. There is a ginormous hill that you have to walk up to get to the center. You have to go down in to the Kidron Valley and then basically climb the Mount of Olives to get home. Tough life right? Well we opted for the bus 75 to take us home. It was 5 Shekels very well spent. We made it home safe, sound and alive! 

I promise I don't only think about food while here in Jerusalem. It only seems that way. Life here is so amazing. I love it. I feel like I am finally getting comfortable in my directions and paths through the city. Maybe someday I will actually feel like I am a local! 

Stay tuned for more updates! 


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  1. darling Mary-- your posts are worth waiting for! You know, I distinctly remember certain meals and treats (like the plum pastries in Switzerland our German professor couldn't wait for us to try and the butterkuchen in Hamburg) from twenty five years ago. So I think documenting travel food is completely worthwhile. xoxo

    We all miss you! But I miss you more.