Saturday, 23 June 2012

My Headlamp is Better Than Your Headlamp

Dear Someone, 

So for Christmas my favorite brother gave me the coolest gift. A headlamp. I never knew the joy that would come into my life from owning a top of the line headlamp. I could read at night, I could hike with it, and it was also the exact tool I needed to survive Hezekiah's Tunnel. Our field trip on Monday took us to the City of David. It is the oldest city in Jerusalem. David was the first Israelite king to conquer it and he built his palace there. The tunnel was built by King Hezekiah in the 8th century BC. It was to connect Jerusalem's water supply to a pool. The Gihon Spring to the Pools of Siloam. The tunnel was 533 meters long. I was so grateful for my trust headlamp to maneuver through the curvy dark tunnel! 

This is us on in the city of David. You can see all the Jewish
graves behind us. They completely cover the mountain. 

This is us getting ready to go into the tunnel!
Note the headlamp. 
"Down down down and the flames came higher"
The Ring of Fire is Camila's favorite song.
It seems to apply in many different situations. 

Me with my headlamp, in the tunnel.
Oh a scary Juanito in the background. 

Some it if was so short you have to crouch down.
Can you see the water? 

This one is for you Thomas!
The headlamp in action. 
This is us at the very end. It was so cool!
Literally and figuratively. 

You can see on my pants just how high the water came! 
The tunnel was really cool. It was definitely a highlight. As with almost everything we do here there was a spiritual aspect to our field trip too. The tunnel carries the water to the Pools or Siloam. Siloam is one of the places that we can say for sure that Christ went. He came to that very spot and healed a blind man. "The blind saw his eyes." The story is truly a miracle (John 9). The part of the story that touched me the most is when the apostles ask "Who has sinned" thinking that was the reason for this man to be blind. Christ replies saying no one has sinned, but he is blind so that "the works of God should be manifest in him. Sometime the trials in our lives are there so that we may be able to see the works of God in our life. How amazing it is to visit the places where Christ performed miracles. I love my Savior and I am so blessed to be here, learning more about his life and ministry.

I am so blessed and so happy.

Mary Jane

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  1. Hezekiah's Tunnel is one of my favorite places in all of Jerusalem!