Tuesday, 5 June 2012

It's All Happening at the ZOO!!

Oh my dear Someone, 

I have such exciting things to tell you! I went to the zoo. I was singing the Raffi song "We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo. How about you, you, you? You can come too, too, too! Going to the zoo, zoo, zoo." All day long! Actually the zoo brought up many songs that nobody but me and my mom would be able to sing. I love the zoo though, the songs are just a perk of the sights to see! I feel right at home with all the little elementary school kids walking around on field trips in funny hats. I heard about the zoo and it was instantly on my list. Here is a good taste of what this wonderful day held for us:

Here we are. Happy as can be. The zoos in other countries don't have nearly as many fences or rules as zoos in the U.S. We walking right in and the monkeys were swinging around and make quite the ruckus. I knew it would be cool, but not this cool! "Look at the monkeys swingin' in the trees" 

Found some turtles to pose with. 

Pretty bird! We got to go inside several different Aviaries. This little guy was in the Tropical Bird section. His head looked like it was tie-died. Don't get any ideas Maggie! 

The Meerkats. I promise that they were right there when I originally posed but they must not recognize me as one of their kind because you can only see their little tails running away from me. 

The bears were so cool! They were swimming and showing us their teeth. This guy was posing for us. How often does that happen at the zoo? 

Birds were everywhere! They were so cool! 

The chimps where just as happy as the bears. These guys were wrestling each other the whole time. It kind of reminded me of Thomas and Katy. That was the best picture I could get of them. They needed a third sibling to be the line. 

They have this statue at Central Park too! It was toasty hot in the sun so this was a 30 second pose picture so our skin didn't melt off! 

We went into the Rain Forest and this little gem greeted us at the door. I wonder how much time it spends on its hair... nudge nudge wink wink. 

Me and the Golden duck. There was a massive playground with all these sort of mosaic animals. I bonded with the duck. I had way too many songs to sing on this day. Its not my fault, I live with a kindergarten teacher. She taught me everything I know. 

Love a good Zebra. 

The train was a highlight. We were delight to find that it was free and it drove us around, give us a break in the heat of the day. 

Courting Giraffes.

The biggest draw of this zoo is that it is a Biblical Zoo. They have section that has a Noah's ark and all the animals that he would have brought with him on the ark! This was a highlight, I agree with the guide book. 

"Something tells me its all happening at the zoo. 
I do believe it, I do believe it's true." 
-Simon and Garfunkel. 
They were so right. I hope I never out grow the zoo. 

We then bravely trekked over to the fancy mall, risking our lives in the heat of the day. We were wilted and red faced when we arrived but our disposition changed when we got some water in us and we saw the H&M. It was entirely worth it. Mall is a word I should learn in all languages.

Juan was the best shopper out of all of us. We had to beg him to come with us and he ended up buying the most. What a champ. Love a man that can shop. We obviously had a lot of fun at H&M. 

I love our free days! We always have so much fun. There is a lot to look forward too this coming week. So glad to good friends. Jerusalem is the best. 

mary jane 


  1. Now I'll be singing the 'going to the zoo zoo zoo' song all day.

    That blue bird? Exactly what my hair looks like in the mornings.

    xoxo love from our house

  2. Hey, are you dissing your musical upbringing? You were raised with the finest of children's medleys.... Goo,Goo,Ga-Ga, ... "and a little candy heart that said lets have fun! " Shirley, Shirley banana fanna bo burley..., Peanut, Peanut Butter, and Jelly... I could go on and on...!!! Love that you have a little of me in you! Mom

    1. I have more than a little of you in me Mom. I am so glad. I just want to be you obviously!