Wednesday, 13 June 2012

I'm His Little Lamb.

Dear Somebody, 

Monday was such a fun field trip! We went to a place called Neot Kedumim. It is a reserve that the Jews have made to help people understand what the land of Israel was like during the bible. We got to do all sorts of cool things! I felt very biblical. 

We first learned about the plants and animals that are native to Israel. We learned about fig trees and how they are the first plant mentioned in the bible. It was a long hot day! 

Next we herded sheep! Can you find me? I am telling the sheep where to go right in the middle! They didn't really listen to me. 

This is our herd. Herding sheep made me see all the connections with Christ being the Lamb and my Shepherd. It reminded me of the song we always sing at our house:
"Jesus is my shepherd, I'm his little lamb.
And if I stray of lose my way, he will always come.
He will not leave me behind. 
He loves his little lambs he'll come and find me.  
He will not leave me alone.
He will bring me safely home" 

I made friends with this lamb. 

 The next project we had was to ground up the Hyssop bush. This is the low bush that Moses instructed the people to dip in blood and wipe above their door frames for the passover. It smells so good! 

Me and Pam at work with the mortar and pestle. 

That is the branch that is started out as. Then you grind it all up! 

We got little baggies to take it home, and to try on our pita for lunch. 

Lunch time we made a full biblical meal! This is me and Tacy making the pita. We also had lentil soup. My favorite was the date honey to put on the pita. 

Pita only made with flour, water, salt, and oil. 
It was so delicious! 

You have to make it really skinny so that it will cook over the fire. 

The finished product! 

So happy to be so biblical. 

It was a such a good day! We were exhausted afterwards. The heat and herding sheep really takes it out of you. We got to learn a lot more about the Jewish religion and biblical life. If you ever need a shepherd or some pita let me know! 

Have a lovely day! 


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  1. I love that song! Clint knows it now too. Cool Pita bread, I didn't know you were so good with a pestle. I see you are wearing my headband. Your sheep herding skills could use some work, so could your boy herding skills. ha ha ha I'm so funny.